4 Seamer: A few links and topics of interest.

A hit of new videos, topics and chats.

AtheistAndromedas Wake who does a lot of really great astronomy videos and other things of interest on YouTube has this short video essay. Amazing and powerful. I don’t think I need to add much more, just watch it. I’ll post something later about my own feelings, but for now this is a great primer of how I too feel about being an Atheist.

A debate between PZ Myers and Jerry Bergman.  I know not everyone (ok hardly anyone) will watch this all the way through like I did. Its 1:43:00 long, so you’d have to dedicate some time to getting through the whole thing. I was very interested in what kinds of things Bergman had to bring to the discussion and I was not disappointed. There was pretty much nothing in terms of evidence, a lot of bat-nutty claims (Carbon atoms are irreducibly complex because if you remove any part of them they are no longer carbon…) and a LOT of claims of ‘lots of people agree with me but you can’t find them because they are too scared to actually agree with me in public’. Survive long enough to get to the Q&A section and Bergman even pulls out the ever so convincing ‘Evolution leads to Hitler’ and ‘The Nazi’s did what they did because of Charles Darwin’. I wish I was kidding, but he managed to say those things with a straight face. PZ through the whole thing sits and actually responds to most of the meaningful things, but at points lets Bergman blow up his own case for him. Its hilarious.

And a comic strip roll:

SMBC explains…well…yup

Calamities of Nature  dive into the meaning of spirits, ghosts, and whatever. Is it in the realm of science or not?

Derryl Cunningham does a wonderful, but lengthy, discussion of evolution. Read and learn.

In other news, Jared Weaver and Howard Kendrick of the Los Angeles Angels are going to the All-Star Game! I’m excited for Weaver, he got snubbed last year. I’m equally excited for Howard as well, he’s been deserving of this honor for some time. He may not be a huge home run guy, but he quietly goes about his business hitting for a high average and playing stellar defence in just about every possible fielding position there is! Seriously, I’ve seen this guy at 2nd, 1st, right field, and left field this year and he’s done GREAT at each!

Lastly, I’ll be heading out to Ontario next week, so hopefully I will come back with some interesting pictures to post.


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