Knuckleball: I’M ON A HORSE

Hello, ladies, look at your man,

now back to me,

 now back at your man,

now back to me.


Sadly, he isn’t me,

but if he stopped using ladies scented body wash


and switched to Penquin Spice, he could smell like he’s me.


Look down,


back up, where are you? You’re on a cliff with the man your man could smell like.

What’s on your jearsy,


back at me.


I have it, it’s a Stanley Cup


with two friends doing that thing you love.


Look again, the friends are now MARRIED! (check the hats closly)

  Anything is possible when your man smells like Penquin Spice and not a lady.


*****************************I’m on a horse.************************* 


Knuckleball: Did I not mention this?

Holy crap!

I don’t have any idea how this slipped through the wall-oh-text that I posted earlier. It had been a while I suppose and wasn’t primarily on my mind. Which is strange because I was doing it in between typing paragraphs yesterday.

What am I talking about???The great bison stew of june 11Stew! Yummy delicious slow cooked, seasoned to near perfection tender bison stew!

That’s right, I cook and I’m proud of it. I like experimenting with different ways to cook meats mostly. I love my slow cooker to bits. I’ve made roasts, stews, and other delights. Since the wonderful-amazing-sexy-cute-lovely-yummy(hereafter abbreviated WASCLY) girlfriend came into my life I’ve found I’ve really enjoyed cooking for us. She does some baking and other odd meals, but I do the primary meal stuff. Her love of Indian foods has also expanded my cooking horizons to include a half-decent butter chicken.

As for the above stew last night, the meat was AMAZINGLY tender. Cooked just right. But I did err in one regard which made it not quite 100% perfect. I forgot that bison, my meat of preference, is so much leaner than regular beef that any recipe calling for X amount of water to be added to the slow cooker means X+30-40% more. I only added regular beef level water and that made the sauce very thick but a little too strong. Oops. In addition to the regular spices I had added some pepper, parsley, and seasoning salt to the regular mixture.

Here are some of my older creations from the past:

WASCLY GF Loves Mushrooms and Onions fried up like this. I must admit, she’s convinced me! It’s so fun to fry up in some butter and garlic. Nutritional values are for suckers.

An example of the butter chicken I make. Very saucy.Why yes you CAN make steak and fries on the same pan over a fire in Jasper, I did!

And the roast fixings for one of my better beef roasts.

That’s it for this time, hope I’ve inspired someone to go cook something nummy. You can’t go wrong with BACON!