4 Seamer: High and tight reads

A quick couple interesting posts from today,

Falsehood: Correlation Implies/Does Not Imply Causality  : A very interesting and in-depth take on the whole mess of people who’ll abuse stats to say one thing means (or might mean) something, and the people who’ll take clear stats and disregard them by the same way. Basically its an excellent primer on how to use the ‘Does/Does Not Imply’ situation. It’s a little long, but Greg Laden and his blog are good reads. http://xkcd.com/552/ XKCD writer Randall Munroe paints the excellent stick figure picture

A children’s activity book, I wish this was made up From Pharyngula. I’m ok with adults making their own choices when it comes to religion, you’re all big boys and girls you can make your own minds up. The kids who read this? No. They were told by their authority figures what the hierarchy was in no uncertain terms. These children can’t make up their own mind whether this is right or not. But that’s the way to do it right? Teach em the pecking order before they learn to question why it may not be proper…

 SMYYYYYTTTTTTHHHHHHH!!!!  Yes please! Move Souray, move a few others but not the top prospects, but PLEASE yes! We need his grit and determination back! But…in honest terms I give this a 30% chance of happening.

Well, that’s it for the first 4 Seamer. Lemme know what you want out of these. More of stuff, less of stuff, whatever. I suppose I’ll need more examples before any real patterns reveal themselves, but its a start!

My Halos are about to start their game in Florida, gotta run!

EDIT: GAH! I dunno how to do links properly still. The old Blahblha doesn’t seem to work in this. Anyone help?

NEW EDIT!: AHA! I have mastered the art of the link. *forhead smack*


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